Greetings. At this time, we are still transferring accounts from ProCounselor to the new Credentialing Gateway. If you do not have access to all of your account information yet, please know that you will gain access soon. We take the transfer of your data seriously, and our careful migration of your data has been taking longer than expected. We appreciate your patience as we move forward with the Credentialing Gateway.

Welcome to the Credentialing Gateway!

The Credentialing Gateway provides credential holders and applicants with a single, secure portal to manage their certificates/credentials and applications. It grants access to change of address, name change, online applications, printable documents and many more features.

Do you have questions about the Credentialing Gateway? Visit our website to search frequently asked questions.

If this is your first visit to the Credentialing Gateway, you must click the Create Gateway Account button. If you have previously registered, enter your Username and Password to Login.